7th July 2013

Wedding of Danny and Caroline

Danny and Caroline are a delightful couple, I knew I would enjoy photographing their wedding after our pre-wedding shoot back in March produced some lovely shots.  It is so lovely to work with a couple that are totally trusting of their photographer, despite watching her being thrown around the floor of a very bumpy bus (I guess vintage buses don’t have much suspension!)  Still, I hope the bus shots proved I was just about holding it together (despite the bruises!).


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Tip for Photographers:  I often get asked how I get a ‘clean’ but soft feel to my wedding photos.  It is always difficult to evaluate your own style of working as much of it is done instinctively and has been developed through trial and error over a number of years,  but I do tend to favour a small pop of fill-in flash to lift my images and create lovely catch lights in the eyes.  If the ambient light is good then this can be as little as -2 or -3, but when I don’t use it, I often feel my images lack a little punch.  Pure natural light can be very beautiful,  but lets face it, not guaranteed and a little help from an artificial light source can be really useful.