13th May 2013

May 2013 Highlights – Tobias Shoot

I often get asked to photograph the resulting offspring of couples whose weddings I have photographed.   It is one of the joys of my job, developing a long term relationship with couples, documenting how their lives together change and their family evolves.  This month I got to photograph Tobias – son of Sarah and Simon whose wedding I photographed back in 2010.  I have recently had a run of new born baby shoots where the baby has simply refused to go to sleep (aaargh!) but Tobias was a dream model and I managed to capture some lovely shots of him in their beautiful house (Sarah – I take my hat off to your flair in interior design – I love the individual quirky touches).

Below are some of my favourite shots from the morning.  Along with the usual detail shots of hands, feet etc I took a lot more wider shots than usual to make to most of the stunning interior – the clocks on the wall were set to the time that Tobias was born around the world.  I love it when the location can add an unexpected personal dimension to a family shoot.

Note for Photographers:  Shot with natural light and a Lupolux 1500 to supplement where  necessary.  The Lupolux is great for baby shoots on location as it is a continuous daylight balanced light (with a spot to wide fresnel lens).  You can add a little pop of light with no distracting flash for little eyes and it is easy to see where the shadows fall.


Tobias-005  Tobias-014 Tobias-047 Tobias-049 Tobias-060 Tobias-071 Tobias-075 Tobias-082