13th July 2014


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Burma Road, Student Residences, Winchester.


The slower, deliberate, methodical approach required for architectural and interior photography (and indeed landscape) is in stark contrast to the fast-paced approach to wedding photography, yet the desired result is still much the same – to deliver a beautiful, high-quality set of images to the client.  I like the combination of these genres in my working life and I honestly believe that my experience in both areas only enhances my skill level across them.

Photographing weddings requires the photographer to have fast reactions and the ability to pre-empt certain moments before they happen.  A good wedding photographer will over time develop these skills but sometimes lose the ability to ‘slow down’ a little and take stock of a moment or situation.  Architectural and interior photography requires just the opposite – the intricate ‘styling’ of a shot, waiting for the light to do its magic – these aspects require patience and creative foresight of the final shot.

A mixture of the two approaches in any photographers working life will re-dress a certain balance and certainly improve the quality of their work (and sanity!).